Monday, April 2, 2012

#MGLG Mixtape


Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden: The Mixtape

The Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden and Food Co-op Program (MGLG) is a joint venture in Southeast Houston, TX operated by Divine Leaders Inc (a nonprofit organization) and The Shrine of the Black Madonna. The purpose of the MGLG is to liberate residents of "food deserts" from the inefficient and unhealthy food distribution system that exists in neighborhoods of the lower economic class. This task is accomplished by growing locally sustainable food and distributing it directly to residents of our own "food desert". A "food desert" is any community where there is an abundance of unhealthy processed foods and fresh organic produce is scarce or completely unavailable.

The administrators of the MGLG have recently decided to create another aspect of feeding the community. We are currently preparing to feed hungry souls through the ministry of music. In June 2012 Divine Leaders Inc will release The MGLG Mixtape. This Mixtape will be a compilation of songs by independent artists from across the country. It will be packaged along with educational facts of why it is important to grow your own food or simply support/start your own local garden. As the founder of the MGLG and Divine Leaders Inc it is my pleasure to complete the trinity. We are now offering healthy food for your body, action provoking thoughts for your mind, and beautiful melodic tones for your soul. All this is being done to raise funds to continue to expand our operations in a community and "food desert" near you.


One Love! Full Time!


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