Monday, February 7, 2011

2nd Annual Give A Gift to Your Community Campaign

Divine Leaders Inc. and The Shrine of the Black Madonna #10 are proud to announce the beginning of The 2nd Annual Give a Gift to Your Community Campaign. This campaign comes at a time when we are preparing for the upcoming spring and growing season. To make sure this upcoming season is better than the last, we need your help! This campaign allows donors to directly impact the operations of our garden by purchasing items that will be essential in aiding us in providing more fresh organic produce to our community.

This year our sponsorship levels have changed slightly to reflect the changes that we are experiencing as our project grows and becomes more successful. Any person or organization is able to become a sponsor. Any donation is a tax deduction. We also want you to know that are sponsorship levels are made to emphasize what our garden needs the most. Any donation, more or less than the specified sponsor levels will be accepted.

The Garden Bed Level will allow us to build a 25x15 ft. plot in our garden. This level is very important because our garden is located on 2.5 acres of land, and we only use less than 10% of that land as of right now. The more space we use to grow food, the more food we can grow! It is also important to know that there are no limits in number of beds that we can build. The only thing that has limited us up until now is the number of volunteers and amount of funds needed to cultivate the land.

The Water Reservoir Level will allow us to increase the capacity and efficiency of our rain water harvesting system. This level is very important because last year we experienced at least four months of water bills that were $200 or more. By placing an emphasis on increasing the capacity of our rain water harvesters, this will aid us in becoming more effective in achieving some of the main goals of our garden and food co-op program. In 2010 we started this project to reduce the amount of wealth funneled out of our community for healthy food, and to become more self-sufficient as a community. Therefore, by increasing our rain water harvesting capacity we will achieve both of these goals and nurture our garden with water provided by nature instead of the City of Houston.

Lastly, we have our Fruit Tree Level. This level is very important as well, and probably already the most successful aspect of this fundraising campaign. After the finishing touches were made to this campaign, the word traveled about our need of fruit trees. So I am proud to let you know that a little less than a month ago a generous supporter donated more than 12 trees of a variety of different fruits. We now have over 20 trees in the Marcus Garvey Liberation Orchard!!! (Avocado, Plum, Orange, Tangerine, Bananas, Figs and Berries) So as of right now we have come to the conclusion that we do not need to add any more trees in this upcoming season. Therefore, any donation made at the Fruit Tree Level will be allocated to our efforts of increasing the capacity of rain water harvesting system.

If there are any questions on how to make your donation for the fund raising campaign, please call 832-262-8019 or send an email to Now that you have been notified of what has been done and will be accomplished in the next few weeks, it is mandatory for you to know how we will celebrate the success of our Give a Gift to Your Community Campaign. This upcoming March 5th we will be acknowledging our sponsors for this years fundraising campaign and celebrating our first year of serving our community by hosting The MGLG First Africanaversary!!! We appreciate your undying support and can’t wait to see you this upcoming season!!!